Q.1 Whether it would be beneficial for a couple to attend a Marital Therapy Session ?
A.1 Our Marital Therapy Session is designed for all couples in a committed relationship. Research shows on an average, most couples wait for few years from the first signs of marital problems before they seek help. It is designed to strengthen your marriage or relationship, if you have a strong relationship. This marital therapy session will provide you with insights and tools to make it a great success. If your relationship is already distressed, this three hour session will provide a road map for repair. 
Q.2. If we attend your Marital Therapy Session, what we will unlearn and learn ? And how it can benefit us ?
A.2 Our Three Hours Session on  Marital Therapy  will give you new insights and research-based relationship skills that can dramatically help you unlearn unwanted negative personality traits and improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you resolve conflict in a healthy, positive and productive way.
At our Marital Therapy Session, couples will have opportunity to unlearn their negative biological traits and learn how to:
:: Foster respect, affection and closeness each other
:: Build and share a deeper connection with each others inner world
:: Strengthen and maintain the gains in your relationship
:: Maintain and keep conflict interactions in a calm mode
:: Break through or get over and resolve conflict in a mutually acceptable way
Our past performance shows that even couples or partners worried with physical abuse or battering could find a long term solution through our marital therapy sessions and strengthen their marital relationship. 
Q3. What special focus you attach to Marital Therapy sessions in your clinic ?
A.3 Our unique marriage/ marital therapy primarily focuses on enriching the marriage relationship while better communication avenues are created. Any one of the following reasons or related factors could affect the relationship. Our team takes special care to identify and unlearn the relative negative personality traits and help learn positive marriageability skills/ people�s skills. Possible causes:
::Addictive behaviours
::Broken trust
::Emotional neglect
::Emotional abuse
:: Infidelity
:: Lack of sex
:: Lack of affection
:: Lack of affinity and closeness
:: Lack of supporting systems
:: Poor or zero communication
:: Stubborn Spouse
:: Silent treatments
:: Similar negative strokes/traits
Q.4 How we can book and avail your Marital therapy sessions ? Face to face or Online ?
A.4 Please contact us at 0469 269 1157 or Mob 09847027138 or send e.mail to: drgdinakaran1@gmail.com for booking. You can also visit our websites:- 
for more details. (Please visit us for therapy with prior intimation &booking)
Both Face to face and Online Counselling Mode available. If you wish to avail online service, please see Online link. However face to face therapy is more effective and better.