Marriage Counseling

  • Success of a marriage relationship is based on the degree of marital adjustment and satisfaction each marital partner achieve in reality. This is highly personal and the marital satisfaction depends on the degree of accommodation each partner makes in the marital relationship. Happiness is the ultimate valued goal in marriage.
    For most new generation youth, adjustment is alien. Hence the services of a Couple Relations Management expert gains importance.
    MANASANTHI CONSULTING ( A Unit of Asia e University Learning Centre, Global Academy for Higher Education, Tiruvalla, Kerala, India )  is celebrating its 15th Year of successful  functioning in 2015  from the same address, Phone No and Mobile No. We are grateful to Almighty in creating satisfied MINDS   for all our  Global Clients  all through these years.  We have also maintained absolute confidentiality in matters of clients’ personal life and most probably this also has been one of the reasons of our professional success and clients satisfaction.
    WE provide Online Marital Counseling to our esteemed Clients especially Malayalees world -wide. We do have several satisfied couples/customers from Canada, United States, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,  Dubai, London, Ireland, Qatar, Bahrain, Germany, France, South Africa, Maldives, Australia, and  most Middle East countries etc. We have been very successful in solving their Marital Relationship and Interpersonal issues and rebuild/do re-engineering in their deeper relationship for a happier living. We also have face to face consultations at our Clinic at Tiruvalla, Kerala, India. Many NRIs visit our Clinic  when they come on home visit. Ours is a unique one day Session at our clinic, which takes minimum three/four plus hours and find lasting effective solutions.