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Families vary greatly in their composition, and healthy family functioning can take many forms. The cultural values of families, individual personality patterns and their ethnic backgrounds are also relevant factors. There is a predictable series of stages families must go through as they are formed, bear and rear children, and then launch the children into the real world. We must always consider the stage that has been reached by a family presenting for better compatibility and happier functioning while giving due attention to difficulty surmounting a particular developmental hurdle. 
The concept of optimal family functioning is helpful. It is concerned not just with the absence of problems, but also with whether the needs of the marital couple and the children, are being met as well as they might be. A family MUST both meet the current emotional, psychological and physical needs of all the members and prepare the children for an autonomous existence in the wider world into which it will , at the appropriate time, launch them. 
WE in Manasanthi Consulting ,a Tiruvalla make an assessment of each individual client, his Personality pattern and their ethnic backgrounds that control the compatibility factors and a fine tuning help them to learn or unlearn factors essential to develop better compatibility. This Psychological process help the couple recognize and adopt appropriate change in their life and become successful life partners. 
We provide face to face as well as online counseling worldwide. 

We do this in an ONE DAY SESSION of minimum three hours+ Of course, depending on the severity of issues, sometimes it prolongs for an additional hour or so. 

For more info and any Family assistance  Call  Drdinakaran@9847027138

Manasanthi Consulting, Aishwarya  Complex, Anjilithanam, PO Tiruvalla, Kerala 

Great personalities are products of their Mind, Thoughts and Actions.  If somenone is in your reach who can  Professionally assess your Psychological Personality and  guide you  in these  aspects, then that person can  help you to maintain good life's relation, success, longterm  happiness and  save you from depression's, anxiety,anger,  failures and negative attitudes.  I personally wish to be that Professional Specialist  Guide and become a part of  your Success through this Media. I believe life is precious, so the Expert and Profesional  Guidance/ Advices at right time, right place and right situations.  Call me right now for more information and help @ 9847027138
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  • We would be conducting International Convocations in different countries in the forthcoming months.  Goa, Tailand, Dubai etc.  Also interested candidates can pursue Ph.D or Post Doctoral Degree such as Doctor of Science, Doctor of Literature or Doctor of Law through our Regular PhD Programs.  For more info call 9847027138
    For prescribed Application, details, procedure etc. Please send mail to drgdinakaran1@gmail.com or call Drdinakaran Gopalan, Authorised University Counselor(Global Promotions), CVU, based at Tiruvalla, Kerala, India Call >09847027138 or whatsup 0919847027138 Last closing date:11th September, 2017.

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